twoday maailmalla: Karoliina Kettukari ja Timo Pertilä puhujina SharePoint Saturdayssä

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Karoliina Kettukari ja Timo Pertilä johdattavat sinut digitaalisen muutoksen johtamisen ja Power Appsin saloihin. Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan asiantuntijoitamme maailmalla!

1.6.2019, Lontoo

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Karoliinan esitys: The myth behind engaging the management

How to ensure management engagement in service adoption? What are the biggest obstacles you’ll encounter when trying to acquire a sponsor from behind the mahogny desk? Here you will hear the good, the bad and the ugly stories from the corner office: what to expect when venturing into executive committees.

22.6.2019, Madrid

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Timon esitys: PowerApps Deep Dive

You have built some simple PowerApps and want to learn more? This is the session for you.

Things to cover:

  • Delegation
  • Can I use big SharePoint lists in my solution?
  • Datasources – When to use SharePoint? When SQL Databases? When CDS for Apps?
  • What causes the slowness on my PowerApps? Can I do something to fix it?
  • Components – How to use them and when?

Session contains demos and lessons learned from real projects.

Tervetuloa kuulemaan Timoa ja Karoliinaa maailmalle!