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This is how my story with twoday started
Kaarle Koljonen

My journey with twoday started when they contacted me in the end of October through LinkedIn. My skills were matching the profile for the person that they were looking for. I had previously completed fundamentals certifications from Power Platforming (PP) and Dynamics 365 (D365). They had identified an opportunity to recruit a JR consultant to their client project and because of that, they invited me to a discussion with them.

All started with an initial conversation with a senior employee from twoday. This meant that both of us were getting the feeling of each other’s. I asked how he ended up working there and what kept him there after these years. And I told him why I was interested in working with PP and D365. It did not feel like a recruiting event. More like two persons talking of their working life’s wants and goals.

After the conversation we both expressed the desire to continue the discussions. He would introduce my profile to the team as part of which I could work with. And I focused to finishing my thesis.

After little time I got invitation to the second round of recruiting. There were two persons CEO of the twoday and person from the team that I could be working in. This discussion had the same elements then the first one but in this we got to the more details of the work and my skills. It seemed like the attitude and character were the priority over the hard skills. And as many of you know. You can always teach a skill but not the attitude, that is something that comes with in.

In short, I felt like I had found a great opportunity and it seems like twoday felt so as well seeing that I am currently working in here. I started In December with flexible working hours that gave me time to finish my studies. I could do more or less hours depending on how much I felt I could do without hindering me on finishing my thesis.

In the next post I am going to tell you little bit of my first months in twoday.

Stay tuned.