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twoday's O-team has members both in Finland and Lithuania. They had a team day in Vilnius and they crowdsourced answers to some questions about working in different countries and about the Vilnius office.

What does the O-team work on at the moment?

We’re putting the business apps puzzles together by using Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Azure and Flow!

How do you feel like working as a team when some of the members are located in a different country?

”Feeling good!”

Overall there is no notable difference or feeling of split. With active communication channels in Teams we are always in contact. Every few months we get together in Helsinki or in Vilnius.

From other side it’s a great opportunity to learn and understand cultural differences. English is our main communication language so we are constantly developing this skill as a bonus. Also our main customer’s working language is English, so this arrangement works perfectly.

What’s the goal for this Vilnius trip?

Teambuilding: spend some quality time together and to have fun! It’s good to have time to discuss future plans for the team without having the need to focus on the operative day to day business.

O-team’s carting race and lucky winners!

How’s the office in Vilnius?

In Vilnius teams don’t have one open space office but instead teams work together in big separate rooms. Smaller teams may share a room with other small teams.

Popular transportation in Lithuania is personal cars. Each employee has a free parking place in office parking lot. Employees also work from home time to time.

Locally Visma has lots of entertainment activities. There is lounge zones with Arcade machines, ping-pong table, Foosball table, Xbox, PlayStation and a VR station. There is also active techies club and board game club. In knowledge sharing hubs can you share and learn new and innovative ideas!

Heikki with Darth Vader, O-Team working at the Vilnius Office and Pekka with Geeks Hall of Fame.

What’s best place to have lunch near the Vilnius office?

iLunch is most the convenient place. It has bunch of self-service kiosks and you get food pretty fast.” Tony says.

The Vilnius office also has a tradition on Fridays to have a company covered lunch with a group of colleagues. Food masters organize different food teams and every employee can choose their favorite team every Friday. There is small food-teams organized by food-masters. Teams cover different varieties of food: pizzas, Mexican, Chinese, sushi, veggie, Indian – not to forget the grilling team at office terrace!

Happy Birthday Vilnius office!

twoday office in Vilnius just turned 1 year old. In addition to the Vilnius office, Digital Illustrated(nyk. twoday) populates now also another Visma(nyk. twoday) office in Lithuania: Kaunas.

Digital Illustrated & Visma Offices in Finland: Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lappeenranta. In Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas.

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